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“One of the saddest situations in our industry…….is when an owner walks away from their business after 30 or 40 years and all they have to show for it are the proceeds from the sale of their trucks, tools and inventory.” Scott Good, Partner Contractor Succession LLC. Contractor Succession has a better answer. We can help you finish strong and finish well.

Welcome to our first Contractor Succession podcast. My partner Scott Good and I are thrilled to be bringing important messages to all those in the mechanical contracting space; plumbing, heating, cooling industries. We help you exit your business healthy and happy. If you want to learn more go to contractorsuccession.com.

Scott Good owns Goodco Mechanical in State College, PA, and Bovard Heating & Cooling in Altoona, PA. He has over 35 years in the business. Marty Wolff has over 30 years as an executive coach and business consultant, with extensive experience in the same industry as Scott, as well as in several other industries.

You’ll hear why we started this Contractor Succession business (to help you plan for your inevitable exit), more about our backgrounds and why you should be thinking about this transition YEARS ahead of starting the process. There are many options……….you may not be aware of all of them!


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